Original Pancake House

Photo Courtesy of Four Letter Life

Photo Courtesy of Four Letter Life

This one is a no-brainer. Eggs…and meat….lots of ’em. The omelettes are so good! A half-dozen eggs that are not mixed with pancake batter (I asked the manager), rolled, and thrown into the oven. Get it with ham, bacon, chorizo, spinach, jalapenos, or whatever you would like. You do need to be careful with the sides however. They come with pancakes. They will let you substitute other carby type sides (hash browns, breakfast potatoes, fruit). You can try to get a side of meat like bacon or ham, but they usually say no. If you are really hungry and willing to fork over the extra low carb-dough (yeah I know it’s cheesy), just tell them that you don’t want pancakes and you are going to pay for a side of meat.


Pei Wei


Asian food…pretty tough to get low carb food here if you just look directly at the menu. But with a few adjustments, you can get some food that is satisfying.

My wife loves to order orange peel beef, but with several modifications. Ask for the beef to be unbreaded, and tossed with a light amount of sauce.

Next, ask for steamed veggies instead of rice. They accommodate you quite easily and it tastes great! You can do that with several dishes their, but try to avoid ones that are breaded or deep fried!

Fast Food: In-N-Out Burger & Mooyah Burgers and Fries

Ok, this may seem like a no brainer for some, but this is the beginning of this blog, and I have decided to start simple.

I would like to clarify my stance before I continue. I believe that carbohydrates should be kept  below 30 per day if possible, and if they must be eaten, they should be restricted to the later half of the day. I don’t worry about saturated fat or cholesterol. If you do, you should probably go back to the 80’s. I feel the real danger is gluten chronically high insulin levels.

I prefer grass-fed beef, but it’s pretty hard to get it at a restaurant. Probably easier to just supplement with omega 3’s. Anyways….

At In-N-Out burger you can order whatever size burger you want: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Double, 3×3, 4×4, etc. But the key is to order it “Protein Style”.Image

The burger comes wrapped in leaf lettuce and it quite good! Skip the fries and get more meat!

At Mooyah Burgers & Fries, they have the same option, but it’s called an “IceBurger”.

Both restaurants are now available to my wife and me, and really make getting a quick bite to eat easy!

Low Carb Lifestyle and Dining Out: It’s easier than you think!

My wife Joan and I like…no, LOVE to go out to eat. We also don’t like spilling out of our clothes and getting those lines across our tummies from where out stomaches are forced to fold on themselves.

We know that it may seem impossible to eat at a restaurant and stick to a low carb diet. It may seem easier to just say, “There aren’t any low carb items that I want to eat. And if there are,  they are at least $20 per entree.”

We get that. We eat on a budget, but we have also learned how to “manipulate” menu’s to serve our dietary needs. 

The purpose of this blog, is to give low carbers/paleo dieters options. Options that detail which restaurants are available, and which items can be modified to keep you on track.